15 April 2013

#Hugasana: Raising Awareness of Autism Project

What a Beautiful and Inclusive Idea...

+Cathy Underwood has come up with a fabulous campaign to promote awareness of Autism on her Facebook page for Yoga4Mums.

It's simple and beautiful and encourages an all embracing attitude to anyone on the Autistic Spectrum.

As Cathy herself explains,

'It's Autism Awareness Month and to celebrate diversity, hope, understanding and love we have launched a campaign to collect 'Hugasana' photographs from around the world.'

So, please send in your interpretation of the 'Hugasana' pose and help Cathy build her amazing collection of photographs that are starting to come in from around the world.

Watch the video above to get some inspiration and post your 'Hugasana' pictures, here.

Many Thanks to Brigitta Scholz for donating the stunning images in the above video!