2 January 2013

Google+ Mentions in Blogs!

Google+ Is Growing!

If you are not on Google+ already, you might find that you need to get onto it NOW! This social media platform is becoming stronger day by day and the developers keep coming up with surprising and simple little twists that increase Google+'s attractiveness as a platform to engage in.

Mention Google+ People, Easily!

Their newest twist is to make it ever so easy to 'tag' or 'mention' people that are on google+, in your Blogger blog!

You Can Tag Pages and People...

Look, if I put this, +My Coffee Stop it brings up our Google+ page, in a little box to the side when you hoover over it and you can put our page into one of your circles!!

So, seeing as you are probably trying this out right now, these are the kind of circles that I suggest you put us in:

Healthy Living
Independent Coffee Shops
Herbal Tea
Social Media
Cash Mobs
North London
Great Britain
Meeting place

And a few more that you can decide for yourself!

Oh and if I do this, +Karen Mercer you can now see my personal profile on Google+.

Is 2013 Google+'s Year?

Well, to me it looks like it could be!  +John Salmon is right when he says that it looks like we won't be able to avoid getting involved in Google+, in his post on The Ideas Station, Facebook group. Another good friend of mine, +Sleeping Menace, was talking to me about the growing phenomena that is Google+, just the other day!

I've yet to have a natter with my friend +Garry kousoulou about this yet but I have a feeling, that he will agree. I'd love you to comment on this post Garry!

Find Out More...

If you want to read in more detail, what this is all about, then read this!

Tell Me More...

I feel very excited by this new development. How do you feel?

Please let me know by posting your comment here.

Looks like 2013 could at last be the year that Google+ wins the social media battle. Let's see.
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