30 December 2013

Reach for your dreams, 2014

Oh! This time last year, I had never heard of a place called Shepton Mallet, which just so happens to be the closest town to Glastonbury Festival! Now, I live there, have a shop there, as well as the one in Enfield, my two children go to school there and I am now a Town Councillor there too. All within around 3 months of moving there. We looked at the shop premises on 7th July, we got the keys on the 30th August and we opened on September 20th, even though we didn't have chairs, tables or a carpet!
At the beginning of the journey, we didn't know how we would achieve moving to Somerset, keeping the Enfield business and opening another shop but as we reached for our goals and knew what we wanted, things seemed to fall into place.
I have learnt, that if you have a vision and know the specific end result of the vision, that you will make it come true, through belief and conviction. You create your own opportunities and shape your own dreams.
I think 2013 was my best year ever, there were plenty of positive changes, plenty of challenges and plenty of choices open to me.
As 2014 unfolds before me, I realise the intrinsic power that each and everyone of us has to change their lives for the better.
For a longtime, I was waiting for someone to see my talent and potential, to give me success. It's only when I used my talents regardless of anyone giving me their permission or not that I was able to change my world, into an even better life than before.
At this point in time, I feel loved and blessed, to be able to contribute to my community in so many positive ways.
What am I trying to say? Well, I wish you a very happy new year and I wish you the power and strength for you to make the changes you need to make, have your vision, feel it, dream it and then live it. It is possible. You can do it.

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