18 March 2014

Why I resigned from being on Shepton Mallet Town Council...

I have resigned from my position as an elected member of Shepton Mallet Town Council...because integrity is important to me.

I am PERSON, not a politician, which means I'll enjoy helping you and Shepton Mallet without being accused of doing it because I want to win an election!

The political tensions that are prevalent in Shepton Mallet Town Council, make me feel so distressed and uneasy, that I am unable to condone the operation of this town council, especially when issues such as Daniel White's job in Collett Park, have still not been properly resolved. Daniel's job is not a financial issue but an ethical and moral issue and I feel this aspect of consideration is being overlooked. I do not want to be a part of that.

There is a culture of bullying on the Town Council, where for instance our Town Clerk has been treated so appallingly and disrespectfully, that she had to take time off for work related stress. Not enough protection has been afforded to her from the aggressive comments being directed towards her. If I standby and do nothing, I might as well be one of the bullies.

The shambles of the Neighbourhood Plan has been controlled by one member of the Town Council in particular and is a perfect illustration of what is wrong. The objective of the plan is to listen to the people of the town and then enable them to express their wishes in a plan that would be accepted through a referendum. If the people of our town are not properly consulted, then this plan will not be voted for by the people. I cannot standby and support the short-sighted manner in which this plan has been handled.

Thank you to the Liberal Democrats who supported my campaign and many thanks to all the people, who voted for me by an overwhelming majority, even though I had only been in the town for just over 3 months. Your ongoing support and belief in me is amazing and I will continue to do my best for you, as an ethical, independent business woman in the town. I pledge that I will use my great sense of justice, my social media and communication skills and my vibrant personality, to help promote Shepton Mallet and to support the social causes that I believe in.

Most importantly, I'd like you to know that,

My ears are open to the wonderful people of this town, no matter of what political persuasion, I am ready to listen to you and help you, just as I was before being a councillor, when I was a councillor and now that I'm not a councillor!

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