6 April 2016

Healthy Chocolate Smoothie with Chia Seeds!

Why,  oh why, do people drink crappy milkshakes with artificial syrups in them and icecream, when they can have something as tasty and delicious as this chocolatey concoction, which is actually good for you, as well as tasting so deliciously good?
I make one of these if I need a chocolate boost, for my breakfast, or for a snack and it takes like a real treat. Today, I made one for myself and one for my soon to be a teenager son. We loved sipping them in the sunshine and even though he ate those Bamboozled Jelly Beans the other day, blurgh, at least I know that he enjoyed something a lot healthier today.
Here's the recipe for two mason jars:
Put all these ingredients into a good, strong blender.
600 ml of Almond Milk
2 x tablespoons of Pulsin Rice Protein Powder
2 x tablespoons of Naturya Lacuma powder
2 x tablespoons of Raw Cacao Powder from The Raw Chocolate Company
1 tablespoon of Artisan Grain Chia seeds
2 x ripe bananas (I normally use Fairtrade and Organic)
A pinch of ginger, if required.
Then whizz on the smoothie setting, pour out into two seperate classes and enjoy.
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