20 August 2011

Positivity makes the front page!



It’s not often that positive and optimistic stories make the front page, is it? But I was really surpised and inpressed by the attitude of the Enfield Advertiser, this week, when it picked up on the positive stories that were happening in Enfield, after the riots. the Advertiser, instead of being all doom and gloom fought back the negativity of the riots with a really uplifting edition highlighting all the good things people are doing in our local community to help restore faith in human nature.

Yes, it was great that My Coffee Stop was featured on the front page, for the donations of items that we had helped to accumulate by acting as a collecting point and then driving stuff down to Tottenham Green Leisure Centre every day….but there were also other inspiring stories, to lift the spirits.

I was so pleased that Paul Cooper from Fast Signs, was featured with his fantastic idea to create stickers to be given out and put up all over Enfield, saying ‘We Love Enfield, keep smiling’, his idea got people talking and smiling and that’s a really important thing to do, for our community. We felt so wounded after the riots but this positive press, really helped to heal.the picture od smashed glass, with a bright sticker on and smiling faces, really says it all!

Look at the picture here….http://www.northlondon-today.co.uk/news.cfm?id=30794&searchword=fast signs

There’s also a great article that shows that youngsters rioting is the not the norm, where young people and their sensible voices are heard,and put in print, rather than giving space for what the rioters/looters say, or think.

It’s the support of the writers and photographers on the Enfield Advertiser that’s really helped to highlight all that’s good about Enfield….we must thank our lucky stars that we have a local paper with people that really care about the community working on it.

Read the news for Enfield here, http://www.enfield-today.co.uk/

Keep safe, be strong and stay positive, Karen, xxx

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