25 August 2011

QR codes are the business

I'm really excited about incorporating QR codes into our marketing strategy.

QR codes, in case you didn't know are those strange black and white graphics made of blocks that your mobile phone scanner can read, if it has the right softwear and when you scan it, you get a website, message, link to facebook or something else like that, appear on your phone. Actually, they don't have to black, they can be other colours and you can actually incorporate your logo into it too. Haven't worked out how to do that yet!

Just incredible.

I was at Minuteman Press in Potters Bar (@MinuteManPB on Twitter), the other day and we were having real fun imagining the different ways that this graphic could be used....I mean apart from business, can you imagine people having the link to their facebook profile tatooed onto their arm, so that it could be scanned by people that wanted to date you and learn more about you....wierd...or maybe when they got old and wrinkly, they'd have to stretch their skin to scan it and maybe Facebook would no longer be around.

My coffee shop is at the end of the station platform, I think it would be cool to have these codes stuck up, randomly, along the tunnel leading to the platform stairs. Maybe they could offer a free coffee, or something that entices people to try our shop for the first time.

What would you do if you saw one of those codes posted up with no message on it? Would you be curious enough to scan it, just to see what it revealed?

Anything that gets your customer actively involved and turns their experience of your brand into a game and gets them emotionally involved and connected with your company has to be good for you and for them, doesn't it?

If you're going to platform 1, Enfield Chase Station, keep your eyes peeled, there could be a free coffee, or a free piece of cake posted up on the wall!!

Keep happy, somethings in life are free! xxxx

I'll be sticking this up today.....

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