16 February 2012

How to do Facebook for small businesses!

I was absolutely amazed, when James Whitaker, owner of a hairdressers in Enfield, Beauty and Hair Awards Finalist, 2012, turned up to The Ideas Station meeting that we hold every month and gave us all a constant stream of ideas about how to use Facebook to benefit our businesses. 

That's why I'm handing over this blog entry for him to do!

The following advice and tips are really valuable because they are what a small business owner has learnt and discovered and they work.


You're probably wondering what a hairdresser knows about social media!

Well, I'm going to tell you.

At James Whitaker Hair I have built a reputation on not just amazing haircuts and great service but on a level of customer service that you don't tend to get in high end, high street salons. I like to get to know my clients and interact with them. After all I am styling them and making them feel their best in everyday life. my clients trust me with their appearance and if need be, I can give them advice very quickly via social media. This is such an important interaction and service that I offer. Who else does this? No one in Enfield. This gives me a 'niche', in a very large market.

Here are my tips on how Facebook can help you connect with your customers and 1000's of potential ones.

Profile page , group page or business page?
If you want to use Facebook for your business, then a business page is a must. The clue is in the title. Facebook now offer you insights data which help you to know where your 'Likes' are from, as well as the age and sex of the people 'Liking' your page.

There are so many free apps and tools available to add to your page to help it move and look exciting. You don't have to have a great computer knowledge to implement these.

How do I get more 'Likes' on my page?
After you have invited all your friends to 'Like' your business page, have a look at offering a 'special' to get even more 'Likes'. 

You want people on there to suggest your page to friends. I found that a great way is to offer a prize, when you hit a magic number. For example, ' When we hit 200 fans I'm going to offer a £100 voucher to someone at random. The quicker we hit 200 the quicker you can win'. This works a treat.

Does it matter if I haven't got 1000's of fans?
It does look good, if you have a high number of 'Likes' but THE REACH of the page and HOW MANY ARE TALKING about it, are now displayed and these are really important figures. 

A great way of increasing these figures, is by increasing interaction. You can do this by asking a question that will start a conversation, such as '' Ladies what do you think of Mr Beckhams new hairstyle ?'' and post a picture of the new haircut too. You'll be amazed at the comments you get!

How do I get potential clients to see me?
Tagging is the simple way to do this. 

Write a note or post a picture and then tag your target market on them. For example, if you have a service for students, you could join University pages and tag those pages on your posts. That way it goes out on their page and then everyone else that's 'Liked' that page!!! WOW!! A post could go out to 20,000 local people and not cost a penny!!


Check my Facebook page out, here and you'll see how I've connected Twitter to my account and have also incorporated my blog into my page.

I gather I'll be seeing you at The Ideas Station on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Great coffee there too. All the best, James Whitaker

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