17 August 2012

Getting to Google's Page One, on a Shoestring!

Have you ever wondered how small local businesses beat the big corporations hands down, when it comes to getting to the top of the Google Search Engine results?

Well, you can stop wondering and start getting your business up high in the search engine ranks by taking action and implementing some of these tips by Keno, Zumba Instructor and Website Whizz, who successfully got her Zumba website to the number one page on Google, in under 4 weeks!

Over to Keno...
Hello, I'm Keno and I run a web agency, Spiral Web Solutions.know first hand, that getting a website to the first page of a Google search for relevant keywords has been the holy grail and ultimate achievement for website owners, designers and SEO specialists everywhere, that's why I'm going to share with you my Seven Steps to Success!

First - A Bit About Me

Runinng a web agency means I sit on my butt, all day long writing emails, putting designs and proposals together, managing teams and producing websites and oh, writing invoices. Naturally, I get stiff and bored, (Sometimes).

So, when I discovered Zumba in October 2011, I was immediately hooked and by March 2012, I became an instructor, holding my first classes in May 2012, and trying hard not to allow Zumba overtake my Web business.

Starting on a nil marketing budget (gotta fill those classes), I started with my strengths and completed my online profile on Zumba.com. At that time I was building a personal blog, so I decided to host a Zumba webpage in the blog, rather than build a new website. So even though the blog was not finished, I built a web page, here!

Less than 4 weeks later, I was on Google page one.

Here's how you too, can achieve this...

My Seven Steps To Success!

1/Be Clear About Keywords... I was not going to spend too much time on my website, so I simply assumed that anyone searching for a Zumba class would use a local place as a keyword hence my selection of the keywords ‘Zumba Enfield’. 

There is lots of research you can do to identify the most popular keywords and keywords that will work best for you.

2/ Do Regular Updates... 
Any little thought/idea I had, was translated to an article which I published on the Website and shared on facebook. As you can imagine, the words ‘Zumba’ and ‘Enfield’ are mentioned in the articles where relevant.From one page, I now have 6 Zumba pages and over 12 articles written and tagged with related keywords. Google is happy and it's robots can see that I am committed.

3/ Use Meta and Image Alt Tags...
Keywords, description and titles were custom defined for every page, I ensured that these were not only present, but relevant for each page.
I love meta tags, so easily missed, but yet so vital, every image on my website (the Zumba section) is tagged with ‘Zumba enfield’ or other relevant keywords. 4/ Send Emails... created a newsletter using Mailchimp and sent this out weekly to my class attendees and friends, That’s a lot of work, so I now send it out monthly, but it drives traffic to your website and Google likes this.
5/ Get Listing...
From Gumtree to Classfinder, bigdance 2012, to Netmums, I found out that there were a few directories out there that would list your classes, for free and yes, I got my classes listed on all of these with links back to my website where allowed.

6/ Use Facebook...
Facebook has been my main marketing tool. I created a Facebook page and invited all my friends, I not only listed my classes, but included articles on fitness and nutrition that would drive traffic to the website.

7/ Google Analytics...
My number one tip for web effectiveness is understanding what works on your website. Installing Google Analytics (or other measurement software) on your website is a must. I noticed the things that worked and carried on doing them. 

There were a few surprises along the way. I found out that my website had been discovered by people searching with the keywords, 'Zumba playlist uk 2012'. I had written a post about the music I use in class, so my members could go to iTunes and buy the music that they liked, however this led to other people also finding my site!

Is getting a high Google place important? I think so, its free and only takes a little of your time. I am new to the fitness world and still trying to figure out how to fill my classes. I just got leaflets printed and will be trialling a banner as well. There are loads of people out there who will benefit from our classes and we just have to let them know we exist!!
All the best with your marketing!
A must mention is the Enfield Fit Facebook Group, which is a great initiative and thanks again to everyone for your posts, positivity and networking . . . . . . .
Much love,

*************************************************** Thanks so much Keno, for generously allowing me to share this fabulous article from the document that you originally created for the members of Enfield's Fit, the Facebook Group promoting fitness and well-being in Enfield. Join Enfield's Fit, here. Karen, xxx
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